That moment when you have to reject a job interview as it is insulting your intelligence…

Yesterday was *kinda* inexplicable to me. I supposed to meet an HR lady representing one of the big companies in Romania. Due to severe weather conditions, I called and asked to postpone the meeting for a day or two as it was quite impossible for me to travel and to juggle the customers I already manage. She agreed and I have asked her to let me know the date and time for the new meeting as one of the managers insisted to be present during the discussions.

What happened after that left me speechless. The manager insisted on a Skype interview. I was glad to see that they are really interested in me, but it was feeling somehow odd as the discussion with the HR lady continued.

When the manager joined (without even say “Hello”) it started to brag about how beautiful and great and fancy and pancy and trendy and flendy they are for about half an hour. Then he asked me to repeat “whatever you understood”.

Hellooooo… I prepared myself for interview… knowing the company I am *going* to work with is kind of mandatory for me or any other candidate as common sense. I got over the arrogance, responded nicely and added my personal information gathered from their online site. Well, the manager started to contradict and correct me in a very harsh way. I apologized and asked to consult my mobile device because I knew that it was clearly stated, on their site, all the information I provided. It was impossible to accept anything else so I just let it go.

I was starting to think that maybe I am on candid camera. Or it’s just some test to check my patience from their behalf as part of the new job. But my thinking was interrupted by a manager movement. He explained to me “my work” stating that he likes my connections and the people I know will be very useful for my new position in their company. So, I must be honored to let them offer me such a marvelous job where I can put all my connections at work providing new clients for… my portfolio on the company.

It was the moment when I started thinking that the person in front of my camera smoked something and got too high. Like it was operated remotely and the software had an error that must be fixed quickly and painfully because I could NOT BELIEVE that a manager, high ranked in company’ hierarchy could be such an ass (yep, that’s the word, I would have chosen another but I am trying hard to be a lady).

After that, the “position” and the job offer would be … assistant manager (as I am not qualified enough for managing finances, in his opinion) a position for which there is no need for studies more than high school/college (and the pay would be accordingly to that!). I looked at this person and started laughing. Hard. Wasn’t this manager aware that I am managing a company? Did the manager checked me up? I was thinking that this managers is confused and probably mistook me for somebody else. The HR lady said to all my questions that they don’t care to much about a candidate CV.

I thank both of them for the interview and told them that the discussion finishes there. Wished them “Good luck” and closed the call.

What the duck was that?! Still wondering…

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